EASY COOK GSD will automatically Shut off the gas supply from the cylinder due to major leakages of gas caused due to:

  • a) The rupturing a tube or pulling off the stove or regulator.
  • b) The regulator failed to function properly.
  • c) The tube catching fire.

EASY COOK GSD will not shut off if :
  • a) A Minor leakage occurs (in this case, it refers to instruction covered in warranty card under the heading - How to test for minor leaks)
  • b) The controls of an appliance (gas stove) in unlit condition is/are left in ON position.
  • c) There is insufficient flow through the spot where the leakages is occurring.
  • d) Supply line is too small.
  • e) The gas system is mounted or placed near a corrosive area or an area which is subjected to vibration.
  • In most cases where hose rupture occurs and if there is insufficient flow due to blockage/restriction, or supply line diameter (internal diameters) is too small EASY COOK GSD may not be activated.
  • Automatic shut off may occur if gas consumption is excessive at low cylinder pressure.
  • However, if shut off continually occurs it is advisable to have the
  • system safety checked immediately by an authorized gas fitter. Do not use
  • the system until the problem has been rectified. In such a situation it is also
  • possible that the cylinder may need refilling.
  • Shut is indicated by the EASY COOK GSD when the dial needle suddenly
  • returns to Zero. If shut off occurs, the gas stove controls may be turned OFF and procedure for ‘HOW to test for minor leaks’ should be repeated.
  • If continuous shut off occurs, the LPG system would need to be rectified by
  • an authorized Gas fitter.
  • At extreme low temperature and severe winter condition EASY COOK GSD will shut off gas supply and may not function properly.

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